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  • TAO Discreet Oil Pen Kit

    Introducing new super Kit from TAO Electronics. This Kit was engineered specifically for Oil/e-Liquid Vaporization. With the best airflow on the planet, you gotta grab one today!


     1 Supercharged Samsung Battery
     1 Oil/e-Liquid Cartridge with Japanese Cotton Wick
     1 Dual Chamber Food-Grade Silicone Dab Jar
     1 Stainless Steel Dab / Packing tool
     1 BPA-Free 5mL Needle Bottle with Child Safety Lock
     1 Rapid Wireless USB Charger
     1 Wall Charger
     1 Gift Box




    If you have the buttonless battery (black only), you can simply inhale to enjoy. If you have a battery with button, then you need to hit the button 3 times in rapid succession to turn ON/OFF the battery each time you use it. 

    Make sure you twist off your mouthpiece and only load 1/2 way up to prevent leaking. Then when you start to hit it, take small drags like on a cigar to allow the coils to heat the product fully. Do NOT take bong-like rips. This will break the vacuum that is created above the heating chamber, potentially knocking your wick loose and causing your oil/e-liquids to leak into your chamber. Take nice and easy draws and you will have the best vaping experience ever!

    Cleaning is a sinch with only the mouthpiece to maintain. If you are using different types of e-liquids, we recommend using different cartridges. But otherwise, simply wiping down the mouthpiece periodically is all you need to do! Keep your battery charged (use the wall charger and USB wireless charger) and you will get a long life out of your product. 

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    HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Get the T2 Oil kit for 50% OFF!! And the first 50 customers get a 2nd Oil Cartridge for FREE!

    The T2 Oil Kit features the newest style of oil cartridge designed specifically for BHO/CO2 oils. The  Dual Airway cartridge features a patent-pending design allowing you to hit the chamber with two different air pathways simultaneously, giving you huge vapor clouds. The giant ceramic coil is pre-heated to over 1400 degrees to ensure that you have the purest flavor possible with every hit. And no more struggling with your mouthpiece. An easy to close silicone gasket system along with the oversized filling hole (2.8mm), allows you to enjoy your vaping experience without hassle! Get started today!


    MEDICAL GRADE - All Pyrex glass and ceramic design. Healthier vapor and a difference you can TASTE with ZERO LEAKAGE!
    UNIQUE DESIGN - Patent-pending dual airflow design that is easy to load and easy to maintain with silicone gasket mouthpiece enclosure
    EASY TO USE - Simply twist off the mouthpiece and then load the oil cartridge in the middle hole with your favorite oil or eliquid. Turn on you variable voltage battery by hitting the power button 5 times to turn ON/OFF, and then press 3 times in rapid succession to switch between voltages (Green - 3.6V, Blue - 3.8V, Red 4.0V).



    1 TAO Variable Voltage (Green - 3.6V, Blue - 3.8V, Red 4.0V)  380mAh Battery
    1 Dual Air-way ZERO LEAK Ceramic Cartridge 
    1 USB Charger
    1 Wall Adapter
    1 Dab Tool 
    1 Cleaning Tool
    1 Dab Jar
    1 5mL Oil/E-Liquids Bottle
    1 TAO Gift Box



    Cartridge Size: 0.5mL
    Heating Coil: pre-treated ceramic
    Battery: 380mAh variable voltage (Green - 3.6V, Blue - 3.8V, Red 4.0V)
    Battery Size:  75mm x 11mm
    Charging Time: 1 hour
    Working Voltage:  3.3V - 4.2V
    Resistance: 2.4ohms

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