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  • Curv Vapor by TAO
    • 1 Curv Vapor Portable Vaporizer
    • 1 Mouthpiece Secured with 2 Neodymium Magnets
    • 1 Replacement Borosilicate Glass 
    • 1 Glass Cleaner
    • 1 Set of Ceramic Chamber Cleaning Tools
    • 1 5-Pin Rapid USB Charging Cable
    • 1 Gift Box
    • User Manual
    • 10 Year Warranty
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  • T2 710 Kit

    The T2 710 Kit features the newest style of cartridge designed specifically for huge vapor. The  Dual Airway cartridge features a patent-pending design allowing you to hit the chamber with two different air pathways simultaneously, giving you huge vapor clouds. The giant ceramic coil is pre-heated to over 1400 degrees to ensure that you have the purest flavor possible with every hit. And no more struggling with your mouthpiece. An easy to close silicone gasket system along with the oversized filling hole (2.8mm), allows you to enjoy your vaping experience without hassle! Get started today!


    MEDICAL GRADE - All Pyrex glass and ceramic design. Healthier vapor and a difference you can TASTE with ZERO LEAKAGE!
    UNIQUE DESIGN - Patent-pending dual airflow design that is easy to load and easy to maintain with silicone gasket mouthpiece enclosure
    EASY TO USE - Simply twist off the mouthpiece and then load the cartridge in the middle hole with your favorite product or eliquid. Turn on you variable voltage battery by hitting the power button 5 times to turn ON/OFF, and then press 3 times in rapid succession to switch between voltages (Green - 3.6V, Blue - 3.8V, Red 4.0V).



    1 TAO Variable Voltage (Green - 3.6V, Blue - 3.8V, Red 4.0V)  380mAh Battery
    1 Dual Air-way ZERO LEAK Ceramic Cartridge 
    1 USB Charger
    1 Wall Adapter
    1 Tool 
    1 Cleaning Tool
    1 Silicone Jar
    1 5mL Bottle
    1 TAO Gift Box



    Cartridge Size: 0.5mL
    Heating Coil: pre-treated ceramic
    Battery: 380mAh variable voltage (Green - 3.6V, Blue - 3.8V, Red 4.0V)
    Battery Size:  75mm x 11mm
    Charging Time: 1 hour
    Working Voltage:  3.3V - 4.2V
    Resistance: 2.4ohms

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $29.95

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  • VS7 LUX

    Welcome to the VS7 Lux Vaping Experience. Constructed from Airplane Aluminum, the VS7 features a retractable Pyrex glass airway and a detaching bottom heating section for easy loading and cleaning - all while fitting comfortably AND discreetly in the the palm of your hand. Never run out of battery life again with the replaceable 18650 battery chamber. And no more shaking or pressing your vape to get it to work. With the easy to read LED Light Display, you will always know your temperature setting and battery life. 

    MEDICAL GRADE - All Pyrex glass air pathway with retractable glass airway
    LUXURY VAPOR - 1g Porcelain Ceramic Chamber with Ceramic Filter (EXCLUSIVE PATENT PENDING DESIGN)
    TASTE CONTROL - LED Light Temperature Settings Display (360°F, 380°F, 400°F, & 430°F)
    FAST HEATING TIMES - Heats in under 15 seconds
    POWER SAVING – Auto-Sensing Shutoff When Not in Use (5 minutes) with LED Light Battery Indicator
    EASY TO USE - Hit the power button 5 times to turn ON/OFF and then press and HOLD for 3 seconds to adjust your temperature


    1 VS7 Vaporizer with Detachable Chamber
    1 Replacement Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
    1 5-Pin Rapid Charging USB Charging Cable (1A)
    1 Chamber Cleaning Tool
    3 Glass Airway Cleaning Tools
    8 Year Warranty


    1 Samsung 25r 18650 Battery ( $12 VALUE)
    1 TAO 1A Wall Adapter  ($8 VALUE)


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  • VPro Titan Extract Vaporizer

    NO MORE WASTED PRODUCT! With the deep porcelain ceramic heating chamber with ceramic heating disc, you don't have any more wasted product stuck in your coils. Just load, hit and enjoy! And with fast heat-up times, you can get huge hits in seconds. The sleek form factor lets you vape discreetly anywhere, anytime. And with 900mAh of power, you will never run out again. 

    MEDICAL GRADE - Replaceable Porcelain Ceramic Heating Chamber with Patent-Pending Ceramic Heating Disc
    EASY TO CLEAN - Just wipe down the ceramic heating chamber with rubbing alcohol and you are ready to go. 
    NO LEAKAGE - Air holes seated at the top of the chamber with detachable mouthpiece - NO MORE WASTED PRODUCT!
    Huge 900mAh battery keeps you going all night long. And LED Battery Life control lets you know when its time to recharge
    FAST HEATING TIMES - Heats in under 10 seconds
    EASY TO USE - Hit the power button 5 times to turn ON/OFF and then press and HOLD for 3 seconds then take rips




    1 VPro Vaporizer Battery
    1 VPro Replaceable Porcelain Ceramic Chamber
    1 Vpro Mouthpiece
    1 5-Pin Rapid Charging USB Charging Cable (1A)
    1 Wax Dab Tool Keychain
    5 Year Warranty




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