Thank you for your Groupon purchase!
To place an order and redeem your Groupon Voucher, please follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Go get your Redemption Code. It’s in your Groupon account under My Groupons > Curv > View Voucher.
IMPORTANT: If you are not sure what a Redemption Code is or cannot locate your Redemption Code,
please contact Groupon Customer Support at 1 (888) 664-4482. They will be able to provide you with your Redemption Code

STEP 2: Click on the REDEEM VOUCHER button below.

STEP 3: Select the color of your Curv Vapor (Black or Red).

STEP 4: Make sure not to miss any EXCLUSIVE OFFERS that are available for you TODAY ONLY.  Simply check the boxes below the product section. If you DO NOT want any add-ons, make sure NOT to check any boxes. 

STEP 5: Add your product to the cart and check out.

STEP 6: Enter your Shipping and Billing information. Double check your information - this is VERY IMPORTANT.  Otherwise  you may not receive your order due to incorrect address information. 

STEP 7: The product comes with Free Shipping. If you do not select the FREE SHIPPING option, you will be charged for shipping. 

If you have trouble adding items to your cart, please do the following: take a deep breath, clear your browser cache, then close & re-open your browser window.