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  • B1 Touch Battery

    The B1 is a slim battery that features new fast-charging technology and is packing 300mAh under the hood. 

    • BUTTONLESS DESIGN - Airflow activated so just inhale to activate
    • FAST CHARGING - Charges completely in under 30 minutes
    • SLIM DESIGN - At only 3.3 inches long, its the MOST discreet battery in its class
    • POWERFUL - Small form factor is packing an extended-life 300mAh battery
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  • B2 Battery

    The B2 is a slim battery (with button) that is the world's smallest battery packing 260mAh under the hood. Comes in 6 different colors.

    • LED BUTTON DESIGN - Features low voltage alarm function
    • SLIM DESIGN - At only 3.1 inches long, its the world's smallest battery with full power output 
    • POWERFUL - Small form factor is packing 260mAh
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