Welcome to Bulk Vapor Supply where you will find the best products at the lowest bulk prices!  We offer a variety of bulk products including oil cartridges, batteries, syringes, packaging and stickers/labels.  We supply many of the major  oil extraction companies in the United States and Canada. This gives us incredible buying power and allows us to provide you with the LOWEST prices available. We source only the very best quality products and guarantee a less than 1% defect rate.  We also offer FREE shipping on all orders. Please allow 8 - 10 business days for delivery. And if we don't carry a particular product you are looking for, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We also offer full OEM/Private Label services including artwork design, CAD and more. 

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  • Plastic Cartridge

    Looking for a great cartridge on a budget? They look just like glass cartridges for half the price!

    • PEI PLASTIC - Transparent material looks like glass
    • WCKLESS COIL - Hidden ceramic heating coil 
    • LEAKPROOF DESIGN - One-way air-control valve
    • MOUTHPIECE CHOICE - Choose from metal or wooden design
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  • GL1 Glass Cartridge

    The GL1 glass cartridge is the industry standard for a high quality glass cartridge at a great price.

    • PYREX GLASS - Super-clear and very strong glass that will resist chipping and breaking
    • DUAL COIL - Dual coil design allows for giant rips
    • LEAKPROOF DESIGN - One-way air-control valve
    • MOUTHPIECE  - metal mouthpiece with large airway
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  • GL3 Glass Cartridge with Removable Post

    The GL3 glass cartridge features a removable post, specifically engineered for easy filling, either by hand or with a machine.

    • QUARTZ GLASS - Super-clear and very strong 
    • AIRFLOW CONTROL - Control airflow with a top-adjustable airflow slide
    • DUAL COIL - Dual coil design for large hits
    • TOP AIRFLOW DESIGN - No holes at the bottom = 100% LEAKPROOF
    • MOUTHPIECE  - all metal and glass design
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  • GL4 Glass Cartridge

    The GL4 glass cartridge is a slim form factor, all-glass cartridge that packs a lot of power in a small package. Easy twist off mouthpiece allows for quick loading by machine or by hand. It features patent-pending CCell technology that heats the oil faster and more evenly, which helps prevent the oil burning as the chamber empties.

    • ALL PYREX GLASS - Super-clear tank and mouthpiece 
    • HUGE AIRFLOW - Wide mouthpiece allows for plenty of airflow from the chamber to the mouthpiece for spectacular hits
    • CCELL CERAMIC HEATING SYSTEM - Faster and more even heating for incredible flavor, and prevents burning;
    • ANTI-LEAK SYSTEM - Valve control for ZERO leaking
    • MOUTHPIECE - all glass design
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  • GL5 Glass Cartridge

    The GL5 glass cartridge is a glass cartridge with plated chrome that hits like a champ. Featuring top airflow design means no air holes at the bottom of the cartridge, so there is ZERO chance of any leaking. The patent-pending CCell technology that is inside the all-ceramic heating element allows for faster and more even heating of the oil, which helps prevent the oil burning as the chamber empties.

    • QUARTZ GLASS - Medical-grade glass and plated chrome design
    • CCELL CERAMIC HEATING SYSTEM - Faster and more even heating for incredible flavor, and prevents burning;
    • TOP AIRFLOW DESIGN - Zero holes at the bottom = 100% ZERO LEAKING
    • MOUTHPIECE - Plated chrome wide mouthpiece
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  • B1 Touch Battery

    The B1 is a slim battery that features new fast-charging technology and is packing 300mAh under the hood. 

    • BUTTONLESS DESIGN - Airflow activated so just inhale to activate
    • FAST CHARGING - Charges completely in under 30 minutes
    • SLIM DESIGN - At only 3.3 inches long, its the MOST discreet battery in its class
    • POWERFUL - Small form factor is packing an extended-life 300mAh battery
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  • B2 Battery

    The B2 is a slim battery (with button) that is the world's smallest battery packing 260mAh under the hood. Comes in 6 different colors.

    • LED BUTTON DESIGN - Features low voltage alarm function
    • SLIM DESIGN - At only 3.1 inches long, its the world's smallest battery with full power output 
    • POWERFUL - Small form factor is packing 260mAh
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  • GL6 Glass Cartridge with Ceramic Mouthpiece

    The GL6 glass cartridge features all the latest in cartridge technology. 2nd Generation CCell technology has been employed to ensure the most even heating possible in a glass cartridge. Customized look and feel includes the new medical grade ceramic mouthpiece (mahogany wood also available). An new enclosure system has been installed in the mouthpiece making it tamper-proof after filling. 

    • QUARTZ GLASS - Crystal clear glass chamber
    • CCELL CERAMIC HEATING SYSTEM - Faster and more even heating for incredible flavor, and prevents burning (2nd Generation)
    • ZERO LEAKAGE - Improved one-way air-control valve
    • MOUTHPIECE - Mahogany wood or medical-grade ceramic with patent-pending tamper-proof design
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  • Glass Syringe with Luer Lock

    Glass Syringes are a great way to ensure you are getting every last drop of oil. Our pharmaceutical grade syringes are easy to load and come with the luer lock cap for easy use. Syringe tips sold separately

    All syringes come in boxes of 100. Each syringe is individually secured in PFS. 15 boxes to a carton. The silicone stoppers, plungers and tips come in separate bags.

    Materials: Borosilicate glass, silicone, plastic push rod
    Capacity: 1ml (2.5 and 3ml also available by phone)
    Length: 5.5 cm; 8.0 cm (with push rod fully extended)
    Cap Style: Luer lock
    Features: Medical grade, ultra-hygienic

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